"Create music while you run!"

This is a mobile application that is leading the advancement in technology through inter-active audio. Designed by an Air Force veteran and former physical training leader. Marx Runner has been designed to motivate people past their physical limitations through music by releasing more motivating sounds by how fast the runner moves in speed.


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Key Features

  • Over 100 music files.

  • 4 sound libraries including drums, instruments, sound fx and vocals.

  • 10 motivational lyrics to create an endless amount of song combinations.

It makes you try harder!

Motivation comes now in an app!

I have the fortune to test the app in beta. I was very happy with the way it integrates your speed and music. If your tempo goes down, speed up !

Carmelo Milian, Beta Tester

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Runners should consult a doctor before running and should always hydrate with water properly before working out. Marx Runner is not responsible for personal injury while exercising.

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